Unofficial ScummVM Patches

On a rainy day I did some debugging of Scumm scripts in response to a request on the ScummVM forums. As a result I made some patches for ScummVM which may not be entirely in the spirit of ScummVM.

Indy3 (Last Crusade) IQ Fixes

The EGA/Amiga version of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade contains 2 script bugs that prevents the player for getting all the IQ points. This patch fixes those bugs. The bug and fixes where found by comparing the EGA scripts with the scripts of the VGA version. This fix is also in the ScummVM Patchtracker as ID 3306145. The patch is actually created by fingolfin with a few corrections from me again. The patch has been integrated in ScummVM since version 1.4.0.

Remove Indy 3 Amiga manual check

While debugging the IQ problem I got annoyed by the manual check, so I compared the scripts of the VGA version on Steam and used it to create this patch. It simply skips the copyprotection parts. It honours the ScummVM Copy Protection setting too.

Support for Steam LucasArts Adventures

The Online Game Platform Steam has re-released a couple of the old LucasArts adventures. However the index file required for playing the games with ScummVM has been integrated in the executable file, making it impossible to play it with ScummVM. This patch add support for these game by adding Steam as a platform, and using the index file inside the executable file. This should make Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Loom and The Dig work with ScummVM. Choose the directory that contains the executable called "testapp.exe" (the file containing the index file). The official ScummVM has added support for these Steam games since v1.7.0 so you no longer need a patch.

Support for Putt-Put Saves the Zoo Lite (iOS)

You can download this game from iTunes for free and then upgrade it to the full version. But ScummVM will need this patch to play this particular version of the game.

Update 2011-10-30 - Added support for Loom's cdda.sou sound file! Credits go to apprentice_fu for figuring out the file format.
Update 2011-11-13 - Added Win32 ScummVM 1.4.0-steam compiled binaries with all patches above.
Update 2012-01-20 - Moved my steam patch to GitHub and cleaned it up as well.
Update 2012-01-29 - Added Win32 ScummVM 1.4.1-steam compiled binaries with all patches above.
Update 2014-06-17 - Updated my git branch to the latest version and added a patch for Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo Lite (iOS).