This is the WWW location of UNP; an "Executable file restore utility".

What the ... is UNP?

Yeah.. good question... If you start it, it's first line will tell you it's an "Executable file restore utility". And I guess that is exactly what it was when I started it. When I started UNP it was written to be able to decompress (restore) all kinds of compressed executable files (for MS-DOS that is). If you still haven't got an idea of what it is doing you probable have never heard of programs like pklite or lzexe. Those programs shorten executable files by applying compression on them, however the catch is that they remain executable! (unlike arhivers like arj or pkzip). Decompression is done on the fly, hardly noticable. This is ofcourse very neat but unfortunately has its disadvantages:

This is were UNP comes in. This program is able to restore most files compressed with any of the programs known to UNP (which is quite a lot). Well.. atleast that's how it started...

What is UNP capable of?

As explained in the previous section, UNP is able to decompress executable files. But while developing it, I found the need for additional features which I implemented as well. UNP is now capable of doing much and much more to your file than just decompression:

Likely there is more, but this is just what came up in me by reading the helpscreen.

What routines can UNP remove?

Taken from the documention of V4.12 (might not be completely accurate).

Where to download the latest version of UNP?

The latest officially released version is V4.11 but I have a beta version ready with some minor enhancements called V4.12. You can download the official release from almost any site containing dos-utils like garbo.uwasa.fi or one of the simtel mirrors. The Beta version should be downloaded from this page, to be sure you have the latest and also that it is not a fake or something.

You can also try to compile it yourself using the source code. Don't bother asking for support on this. It's ages ago since I compiled the last version, and I don't have the required tools anymore.


UNP is not supported anymore. When I started a full-time job I didn't had enough time free to continue developing it so I stopped with it. Besides that, almost everyone is using some version of windows which UNP doesn't support at all. You don't have to send registrations, disks, etc.. anymore. If, for some reason, you still want to contact me, then please do this via E-Mail. My E-Mail address for unp related stuff is unp@bencastricum.nl.